Sigrid Alfrdothir's Collected Stories

Session 1
A tale told to Alexei

As you can very well see, one if not both of my parents was a giant. It was my mother, and I have never met her. She would not have wanted to know of me, such are their ways. I was instead raised by my father, an excellent warrior with a good name. How he came to fuck a jättinna, giantess, I can only speculate, I’d like to believe he was trying to compensate for his rather… small stature. Perhaps he was hoping the child would have a much more impressive built with such a heritage, alas he got me instead of the boy he’d wanted. Though, I assure you, he would see my potential soon enough and give up his grief.

I outgrew my father by the age of 10, though to be fair as I’ve said he was not a big man, and then the tallest of our men by 12. Perhaps it was a gift from my mother, because at the age of 13 I was already a grown woman. Gone was my childish face and body, you would not have believed I was so young. The other girls my age were still children, while I looked and acted that of a woman. My father was proud of me; the others were wary but still they accepted me as an adult and a warrior among them. My father raised me to believe I was worthy of the same respect as any other woman, and I believed him. I am a Viking at heart, Alexei, we are a proud people and so am I. But of course I could not escape my lineage, the others grew suspicious of me over time. One by one they would turn away from me, in fear or disgust as they encountered my kin in the woods or but heard stories of their fearsome and inhuman nature. They thought perhaps I was not yet done growing and would soon be overcome by the giant sleeping inside off me. It was said I would not be accepted into Valhalla.

Do you understand now, my “trade” as you said, of several gods for just the one? Mine would not honor me in death as they would my fellow warriors. I was told they would not have me because I am what I am no matter my prowess in combat. Theo’s god he is forgiving and does not discriminate. I chose to leave with him and to tell others of His greatness and acceptance. It is as simple as that, friend, to change your life for the better.

Sigrid Alfrdothir's Collected Stories

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