General Unlockables

Nudging Fate
Spend 1xp before rolling a die pool of 3 dice or more. Instead of rolling, you automatically score exactly 1 success.

Horrible Bad Luck
When failing a roll, you may choose to turn it into a botch and earn 1xp. Optionally, you may turn a regular botch into a horrible botch and earn 1xp – if you choose this option, treat all the dice as having rolled ones. The GM may veto use of this Unlockable if there are no interesting consequences of botching.

Together Against the Dark
For the rest of this session, all actions in which you directly and immediately help another Witchfinder are rolled at +1 die. This Unlockable costs 1 xp.

Heart And Soul
Spend 1 xp to temporarily increase one Attribute or Virtue by +1 (but not above 4) for the rest of this scene. In addition, recover one point of Willpower when the scene ends.

Spend 1 xp to gain a Willpower recovery roll, as if you had slept a full night. This Unlockable may be used at any time, but never reflexively (i.e. you can’t recover willpower in response to an attack).

Something Happens
Spend 1xp to prompt a roll on the Random Table God, whether or not you’re in the scene. One of the events selected by the RTG occurs, as creatively interpreted by the GM (or the group, in the case of obscure RTG prophecies).

Great Teacher
Spend 2xp to teach an NPC a dot of one of your Abilities, so long as this doesn’t raise the Ability above (your own dots minus one). You may also use this Unlockable on a PC, in which case they receive a 3xp discount on the relevant Ability.


Deals Have Power
Spend 1 xp when striking a deal with someone, or when repaying a debt. For the rest of this session, whenever Alexei spends a point of Willpower in pursuit of honoring this deal or debt, double the amount of dice added by the Willpower point. When the deal is closed or the debt is repaid, immediately gain a Willpower recovery roll as if you had slept a full night. You may have any number of XP-invested deals or debts (but beware of failing to repay them).

Impeccable Manners
Eccentric behavior can be excused by those who truly know how to carry themselves. By spending 1xp, Alexei ignores all penalties to social rolls for the remainder of this session. Bear in mind that Mental Defense is not a penalty to social rolls.

The Beckoning
While it isn’t a thing to be taken lightly, anyone who has been marked by the Fair Folk can call their attention. By spending 1xp and arranging a small ritual, Alexei can summon one member of the Good Folk. Success is automatic. The summoned Fair Folk cannot directly harm Alexei or any of his allies, and is quite willing to strike deals – though this is still something done on one’s own peril.


Natural Philosophy
The Creator made no mistakes. Even magical things must respect the laws of nature, and that means the laws of nature can sometimes be used against them. By spending 1xp, Daniyal is able to counter magical effects using his knowledge of science. One single magical effect is automatically negated, with no need for a roll. Examples include burning magnesium strips to dispel magical darkness, grounding a sorcerer’s lightning spells using metal rods, or using clever leverage and engineering to restrain a creature with dots of Epic Strength. As long as Daniyal keeps doing science to it, the magic will not function. You may only use this Unlockable once per scene.

Daniyal’s relaxed nature gives him a Zen-like luck. Spend 1xp; for the rest of this session, all non-combat rolls are made at +1 dice so long as Daniyal’s Willpower pool is completely full. Spending a WP ends this effect, though it resumes when the Willpower pool fills back up.

Word Of Advice
Daniyal knows many great secrets, and to disobey his advice is never wise. Spend 1xp to active Word Of Advice for the duration of one session. Whenever Daniyal gives a person, PC or NPC, a piece of advice, they gain +1 die on all relevant actions where they obey it, and -1 die on all relevant actions where they disobey it. A single person can only enjoy the benefit (or drawback) of one advice at a time.


Impressions of Strength
Sigrid’s giantish size is astonishing in itself, but her vicious strength makes an even greater impression. Spend 1xp to use this Unlockable. Increase Sigrid’s Appearance by 1 for the duration of the session; in addition, you may add Sigrid’s Epic Strength success to any social rolls made in conjunction with her demonstrating physical power, like attempts to intimidate or impress people.

Heroic Tale
Any true Skald can inflame the passions of a warrior, or inspire him towards heroic deeds and virtuous behavior. Spend 1xp to activate this Unlockable while telling a story. Choose one Virtue and increase it by 1 point among all listeners (inspiring bravery, calm, determination or compassion) or decrease it by 1 point by e.g. telling ghost stories (Valor) or inspiring revelry and passion (Temperance) for the rest of this session. Additionally, all listeners either gain or lose a Willpower point, your choice. You may exclude any listener from being affected by the tale if you can justify why the story does not affect them.

Giantish Blood
The blood of giants runs hot. While it may not be particularly pleasant, Sigrid can unleash more of her giantish heritage, although it comes at a cost of a giantish temper. Spend 1xp to use this Unlockable for a scene. You become immediately immune to disease, wound penalties, and poison (including alcohol poisoning, but not regular intoxication). You gain 1 point of Epic Strength, Epic Stamina and Epic Charisma (due to a booming voice). Your Temperance drops to 0, however – giants are quick to anger, prone to temptation and poor at self-control.


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